Siana Maradol



I am an art director, illustrator and designer. 


Process over product is my motto. I write everything down. I keep a sketchbook on me constantly and in that sketchbook you will find to do lists, grocery lists, my thoughts, my questions. Any thought that has passed through my brain has made it to paper. I’m that nerd sitting in the front row furiously writing things down. My mind is constantly processing my surroundings, asking questions. How things are done, created. How your mind processes the experience, the problem, the solution. I take my time with projects. Let my mind sift through the facts slowly processing how things work, asking questions that lead to solutions, trying to understand the gears behind a piece, an idea. Process is key.

I am a recent grad of Columbia College Chicago majoring in advertising art direction. I have a passion for an insane amount of hobbies and as a result I have a lot of experience pursuing the things that I love. During my time at Columbia I have started a non profit, managed clubs, worked as a student leader for four years. I have curated multiple galleries, organized pop up shows and I’m almost always that nerd who volunteers to walk the plank first. 

Feel free to email me at




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