NSAC 2016 Competition

My team and I created a 2017 integrated marketing campaign for the Snapple brand.

As an Art Director on the team I was tasked with leading the brainstorming process for the creative and overseeing the production of the campaign deliverables. 

Our big idea?

Snapple is a premium drink that doesn’t just stand out from the crowd, it creates one. This group is as diverse as the flavors they drink. It’s time we came together, #AllInFlavor.

Our position?

Snapple is the premium choice for Multicultural Moms, On-The-Go Getters, it provides a craveable, consistent flavor that consumers can rely on. The brand creates a community around its unique consumers and their flavor preferences.

Experiential and VR

Snapple is a grassroots brand; we want to restore that hometown feel. To evoke a sense of community, we will ask Snapple users, “What makes your block the best?” Participants will use social media to tell Snapple why for a chance to win a block party that pops! Snapple’s sales increase when the sun is shining and the smiles are out, so July 15, 2017 through August 5, 2017, Snapple will choose 29 block party winners to celebrate all 29 premium flavors.

Flavor Immersion: Virtual Reality/360 Video Snapple users can immerse themselves in the #AllInFlavor block parties, even if they can’t physically attend. Through Virtual Reality and 360 Video, the entire Snapple community will be able to view the parties on Facebook and 

Take Aways

Block Party attendees will share their favorite Snapple flavors by taking part in Flavor Art. Participants will throw paint-filled balloons representing their fav flav at the canvas. Once the canvas is filled, the stencil will be removed revealing “#AllInFlavor,” and the finished product will be donated to the local community center, where Snapple will also sponsor a community arts program.

Giving back is key because Snapple represents people coming together in a community that is #AllInFlavor.